Welcome to SAMMPress

Welcome to SAMMPress

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Welcome to SAMMPress. We’re so excited to be writing this, finally sharing what we’ve been working hard on for months. You might have heard of SAMMPress before. Yes, we are the student-run publication of Melbourne University’s Students’ Association of Management and Marketing.

If you’ve heard of SAMMPress then you probably know that we’re not new either – we’ve been around for the better part of two years in various incarnations: as an online eBook, a shoddily printed quasi-magazine and most recently a blog. But this is us now, and for the first time in our storied history we feel like we’ve finally got it right. We plan on staying right here at ‘SAMMPress.com’ for a very long time and we’re glad you could stop by.

We’re passionate about many things at SAMMPress, but more than anything the thing that gets us up every morning is having great conversations about management, marketing and culture. It’s the phenomenally interesting interdisciplinary intersection of these three abstractions that inspires us to do the work that we do.

We can’t stress enough that SAMMPress isn’t just another collection of textbook theory rehashes that we find in so many other student-run publications in the commerce faculty. In fact, it was reading this drivel that really motivated us to try and do something better.

The society that we live in is sustained by the perpetual spin of capitalism, trade and innovation. Commerce is the reason why we can live in stunning high-rise condos, but it also happens to be the reason why there’s inequality and poverty. Commerce is rooted in the things that we love and the things that we hate and is perhaps the most pervasive underpinning of modern society. In creating SAMMPress we wanted students to appreciate business within a broader cultural context where it rightfully belongs. It’s incredible that we haven’t already.

This site is the hub where we can start to have these conversations and we’re doing it in a manner that truly enthuses us. SAMMPress’s position on the internet is unique and powerful: our reach is limitless, and the speed of our distribution is literally immeasurable. There is no other medium in which these qualities ring true – printed distribution is cumbersome and digital handouts are rigid and inflexible. Additionally, we’re surrounded by a wealth of other material on the web that we can link to. And it’s not just the plethora of ideas that excites us, it’s the variety of their forms: videos, podcasts, images and many more. We’ve never felt more at home than we do on the internet.

But being on the internet means creating a design that works. When we were working on designing the site, beauty and ease of use were both of equal and immeasurable importance to us. There’s no greater buzzkill for us as writers than publishing our work on something super ugly, and there’s no greater deterrence for our readers than navigating a site that is actively frustrating to use. So we devised a method of navigation that is childishly simple.

There are two kinds of articles on the internet: ones that are long, and ones that are short – and so our pieces are organised accordingly. SAMMPress has three main sections:

  • ‘Scoops’, is where we put our smaller pieces. These are cool little dollops of information. Sometimes scoops can act as catalysts for more in-depth features, and other times they’re just pieces of information worth knowing.
  • ‘Features’ is where we put our big pieces. These are usually research-heavy and analytical commentary, and they act as coherent articulations of the things that we’re thinking. Sometimes they’re long but we promise that they’re always worth their time.
  • ‘Discover’ is our final section and it’s where we provide links to the interesting things we’ve been looking at in our spare time. It’s our curated collection of the internet’s best stuff.

Navigating SAMMPress couldn’t be easier. Above all though, we think that SAMMPress is truly beautiful. SAMMPress is stunning high-resolution images, great writing and zero distractions. There’s a lot of crap on other sites like ads, unnecessary sidebars and obtrusive social media links. We thought it would be refreshing to get rid of the crap. Articles on SAMMPress are saved from unnecessary decoration and flair: dedicating to the work the attention they deserve.

I just want to finish by mentioning one small thing. The effort that the writers, editors and designers of SAMMPress have dedicated, as well as the enthusiasm with which they have approached their work has been inspiring. The best thing about SAMMPress isn’t just its work, it’s the passionate people behind its doors.

What’s exciting is that you can be a writer too! We’re always looking for new people to work with us, if you’re interested in our work then contact us through our Facebook or email because we’d love to hear from you.

Aside from that, thanks for visiting and being interested in SAMMPress. We’re thrilled to finally share our new site with you and hope you have fun participating with us, whether you’re a reader or a writer. Or both!

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