Guide: 10 Tips For The Office

Guide: 10 Tips For The Office

So you’ve finished your degree and have been lucky enough to land yourself that dream job! But are you ready for the office life? Do you know how to act like an adult? These 10 simple tips will help you from becoming the office pest.


  1. Early is on time

If your day starts at 9am and you arrive at that time, you will be the last one to the office. Starting times are when you’re expected to begin production. However long it takes you to get set up and ready to work is how early you should be at your desk. If you are going to be late, call ahead.


  1. Slang is for school

You are in a professional environment so keep it that way. An email is a professional interaction which means keep slang and cursing out of it. Remember, emails can last forever.


  1. Keep your social media social

This is a small world and if you write something negative about your workplace or colleagues, there is a good chance that they will find out. Keep your Facebook friendly!


  1. Don’t ruin the weekend

If you have a question or enquiry and it isn’t urgent, let it wait till Monday. For some people the weekend is their time to relax and unwind, don’t spoil it asking if the company barbeque is this Friday or the next.


  1. Dress to impress

You don’t need to be in a tuxedo but you also can’t look like you just got back from the gym. Almost every workplace has a dress code and generally they are simple to follow. If you are unsure, ask someone or be conservative.


  1. Keep it clean

This is not your house, this is not your room! So keep it tidy. How your desk looks is a great insight for other people; if it is messy, it prompts them to believe you’re unorganised and can’t handle the working world.


  1. Stay home, sicko

If you are sick, stay at home. At the time, it may seem like that you are letting people down but nothing is worse than spreading that season’s cold around and bringing the office to a standstill. If you desperately have things to do, try and work from home.


  1. Food Bandit

If it doesn’t have your name on it, it is not for you. Nothing is worse than when you have been working hard all morning and it is time for you to grab that delicious lunch you made yourself, only to open the fridge door and see nothing at all. Don’t be the lunch thief, make your own or go to the shops.


  1. Smelly situations

Noise isn’t the only thing that can make its way around the room. So keep the deodorant or perfume subtle and the potent lunches in the break room.


  1. Spread the cred

Acknowledge your fellow colleagues, especially if you are getting praise from above. If you come across as a selfish promotion hunter, you will lose friends very quickly. However if you spread the credit, you will find that your teammates are much more willing to help.

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