Discover: The Best Stuff, March 21

Discover: The Best Stuff, March 21

Every week, ‘Discover’ seeks to bring you the best of what’s on the internet. This is where we, the editors compile the great stories we’ve seen during the week. It’s the perfect addition to your lazy weekend.


On drunk peeing

Junkee – Meg Watson: A City in German Is Covering Their Walls In Piss-Resistant Paint To Trick Drunk Idiots

Paying $700 on paint to pee on drunks sounds brilliant!

– Jamie Woo

“They are doing this not only because it protects the building from whatever Jäger-based toxins are shooting through the dudebro’s system at the time, but because it also sends the Red Bull infused piss stream straight back at the offender’s leather Lacoste loafers. It is nothing short of pure karmic bliss.”


On the To Kill a Mockingbird sequel

Variety – Harper Lee to Publish ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ Sequel 55 Years After Original Novel

Decades after Harper Lee’s revered “To Kill A Mockingbird” entered our schools and hearts alike with its innocent account of a profound issue, a long-lost sequel has been unearthed. Revisiting protagonist Scout, 20 years after the original tale has taken place, “Go Set A Watchman” will be published this July. As Scout told us five decades ago in Lee’s classic tale, “I’m little, but I’m old”. I for one can’t wait to discover the real fruition of those words.

– Isidora Stefanovic

“The existence of ‘Go Set a Watchman’ was unknown until recently, and its discovery is an extraordinary gift to the many readers and fans of ‘To Kill a Mockingbird.’”


On post-demographic consumerism

The Telegraph: Anna Hart – Why We’ve All Got The Same Taste Now

Wondering why some of the most innovative and notable brands are now going for aggressively gender-neutral, cross-generational, income-blind marketing approaches? Anna Hart explains why in this fascinating read on the growing redundancy of the golden rule of branding, i.e. the identification and targeting of customers through the use of demographic groups.

– Deborah Goh

“Consumer behaviour can no longer be predicted by the traditional demographic markers of age, gender, income, profession, location or family status: full-time mothers are just as likely as a small-business owner to buy a top-end MacBook Air.”


On living a fuller life

Wired: Kyle Vanhemert – The Apple Watch Face That Counts Down To Your Death

Ever feel like you’re not making the best use of your time? An extraordinary concept, the Life Clock might change all of this, counting down the days until our death. The clock adds time for healthy behaviour and subtracts for unhealthy ones. Maybe a constant awareness of our impending mortality will help make us better people.

– Jeremy Liu

“Still, Life Clock is compelling if only as a concept. It challenges us to rethink what it means to interact with time. And it’s just one possibility for how we might reframe time on these sorts of devices.”


On colour psychology

Kissmetrics: Jeremy Smith – How to Use the Psychology of Color to Increase Website Conversions

If you are looking for a competitive edge in your new business or want to stand out from the crowd maybe all you need to do is have the right colour.

– Lachy Evans

“Color wields enormous sway over our attitudes and emotions.”

On the vilification of sugar

That Sugar Film – Damon Gameau

One of the many documentaries thrust into mainstream media, fuelled by the growing hysteria and alarm surrounding our modern diet. Your own personal biases aside, it’s worth a watch to get a better understanding of the age-old saying “you are what you eat”. Warning: it may make you think twice about reaching for that 3pm treat.

– Ruby-Jean Jenkins


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