Discover: The Best Stuff, March 7

Discover: The Best Stuff, March 7

Every week, ‘Discover’ seeks to bring you the best of what’s on the internet. This is where we, the editors compile the great stories we’ve seen during the week. It’s the perfect addition to your lazy weekend.


On extraordinary people

Dumbo Feather – ISSUE 42

Dumbo Feather is a quarterly mook (half magazine, half book) featuring five 20-page stories of “conversations with extraordinary people”. Read and be inspired by the ideas and actions of carefully selected ground-breakers making a difference in design, education, science, sport, politics or business. Can be found at Mag Nation and Readings for RRP $15.

– Ruby-Jean Jenkins

“I think to show genuine interest is to prove you heard what someone said. Explicitly responding to what someone said is very powerful and increasingly rare.” – excerpt from Dumbo Feather conversation with Kare Anderson

Dumbo Feather


On The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Atlantic: Norman L. Eisen – The Grand Budapest Hotel Is a Thoughtful Comedy About Tragedy

Most would agree that we get what we see. Who would have thought a film about a highly decorated hotel would be so deceptively thoughtful?

Jamie Woo

“These artists recognized that profound issues deserve to be looked at through every single human lens, and no issue is perhaps more profound than the Holocaust, its causes and consequences.”


On Tinder

Pando Daily: David Holmes – The real reason nobody is going to pay for Tinder? Creepiness isn’t a business model

In this digital age, one of the biggest problems start-ups face is how to actually make money. Most choose to opt for an ad-supported model. Tinder is going freemium, but David Holmnes at Pando doesn’t think it’ll work.

– Jeremy Liu

“…And that’s the real problem with Tinder Plus: Creepiness doesn’t scale. Sure, the premium features might convince a significant number of creepazoids to drop cash on the service early on, but any feature that makes it easier for trolls and bullies to reach a wider group of targets is going to alienate more users than it will attract in the long run.”


On body language

CNN: Susanne Gargiulo – Strike a pose: How the way you stand can make your more successful

Hold your head up for 5 minutes, go into the arena and face the crowd. Be Superman, Be A Success.

– Jamie Woo

“Imagine your boss as a caveman. He’s running across the Savannah — chasing Paleolithic game with a rock, wearing only a loincloth. He spots you and halts! Assuming a defensive position, his eyes carefully scan you for signs: Are you friend or foe? The verdict takes seconds for him to reach…”



Podcast: Entrepreneur On Fire

A free daily podcast to glean inspiration from that will drive your motivation and fuel your desire to excel. Host John Lee Dumas asks some of the world’s most remarkable entrepreneurs, including Tim Ferris, Barbara Corcoran, Brian Tracy and Seth Godin, hard-hitting questions about the effect of their respective career successes and failures.

This style of interview isn’t for everyone, however John’s enthusiasm is contagious and engaging. Give it a go on your morning commute and see if it spurs you into action by giving your brain nourishing food for thought.

Check out this link for the ‘top ten’.

– Ruby-Jean Jenkins

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