Changemakers // Nathan Fielder: Crazy or Genius?

Changemakers // Nathan Fielder: Crazy or Genius?

Ideas make money. Execution puts ideas into action. Many argue that money makes the world go round. However, the underlying driver of money is executing ideas. With no ideas, there will be no money, and the world will stop spinning.

Ideas are the backbone of innovative thought. And ideas are all around us. But without proper execution, even well-thought out ideas will fail. Conceptualising an idea is one thing. Bringing that idea to life is quite another. The road is treacherous, filled with criticism and, perhaps, a little bit of disdain.

Nathan Fielder knows a thing or two about ideas. He is the subject of the American docu-reality comedy television series Nathan for You. Fielder graduated from an arguably mediocre Canadian university and began giving unorthodox marketing strategies to small businesses in order to boost sales.

In the following examples, you will see that Fielder laughed in the devilish face of society’s demands to not rock the boat, to be ordinary, to colour within the lines. People like Fielder who follow their weird instincts often find themselves at the other end of their ventures (or adventures) a little wiser, a little richer, and, for the most part, unscathed.

Here are a few clips showing how Fielder’s bizarre ideas are put to the test.


Dumb Starbucks

Fielder enlisted the assistance of a copyright lawyer to find a loophole in the Parody Law. Fielder’s idea was to create a parody Starbucks that was an art gallery, rather than a cafe. At this particular Starbucks, the coffee is still ordinary but is presented to be art. What is art? Can coffee be art? According to Fielder it can. However, this ridiculous idea was likely the reason for this Starbucks’ failings.


Frozen Poo Yoghurt

No, that heading is not a typo. Fielder thought he could bring publicity to Yoghurt Haven by introducing what he called The Poo. I suppose it worked but it calls into question the notion that all publicity is good publicity, particularly when it involves eating faux poo.


Maid Service

Fielder’s logic of hiring 40 maids to clean a house in 6 minutes is simplistic and silly. Rather obviously, no inefficiencies arose from the process of delegating individual tasks to each of the 40 maids. The whole idea seems a little costly and extravagant.

Although Fielder’s ideas may be utterly capricious and entirely ridiculous, he has had fun and made money doing them. Many lack the courage to chase their ideas due to a fear of failure. Fielder was, like all of us, scared of failure but executed his ideas anyway despite them being probably despised by many. People forget that failure is just another part of life. If you never fail, then you’ve never tried. And not trying is the antithesis of ideas, execution and money. Without it, we merely exist without really living. It may take courage and perhaps a dash of ridiculousness but trying is far better than the alternative. Do you have the courage to try? I’d bet all my ideas, my executorial capabilities, and my bottom dollar that you do.

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