Discover: The Best Stuff, April 11

Discover: The Best Stuff, April 11

Every week, ‘Discover’ seeks to bring you the best of what’s on the internet. This is where we, the editors compile the great stories we’ve seen during the week. It’s the perfect addition to your lazy weekend.


On That Sugar Film

In the same vein that SuperSize Me unearthed health concerns about McDonalds, Australian actor Damon Gameau swaps his sugar-free diet with consuming 40 teaspoons daily (the national average) for 60 days to document the sickly – but not sweet – consequences. What’s interesting however, is he does this not through consuming no junk food like lollies, rather through consuming perceived “healthy, low-fat” foods such as muesli bars, cereals and yoghurt.

His last meal was a child’s ‘healthy’ lunchbox containing 40 teaspoons of the culprit to send a message to “parents, who are led to believe they are doing the right and healthy thing for their children…yet are horribly let down by the lack of integrity in marketing and packaging strategies.” For me this made the film-with Gameau incorporating marketing and propaganda analyses among the scientific whatnot. Scoring an 8.2 on IMDb, That Sugar Film has proven itself to be worthy of our attention (and with interactive cameos from Stephen Fry and Hugh Jackman-entertaining I might add). It may not have stopped me going home and eating a tim tam (or three), but as sure as sugar is white, definitely made me think about it.

Isidora Stefanovic


On the Internet

If Snapchat, Facebook and Youtube were friends, how would they hang out in school?

Jamie Woo


On April Fools’ Brand Hoaxes

AdNews Australia – Brands take April Fools’ Pranks to the Next Level – ASOS, Sportsbet and more

April Fools’ Day is the perfect time for brands to put out amusing and unique content– It engages their audience, helps them get noticed (the online currency for advertisers is conversation!) and shows their fun side! Thanks to AdNews Australia, here’s a list of the most innovative pranks that brands pulled on this eventful and hilarious day.

– Deborah Goh

“In response to overwhelming demand, ASOS has launched the clip-on-man-bun, which the online clothing retailer is calling a fashion “game-changer”… Asian food brand Chang has launched the world’s first gluten-free gluten to stop mass complaining of gluten-intolerants all over the world.”


On Seth Godin, an ideas man

“In our desire to please everyone, it’s very easy to end up being invisible or mediocre.”

Seth Godins is the human embodiment of ‘greatness distilled’. I know; big call.

As a godfather of modern marketing and prolific writer, Seth Godin builds and measures success on the mantra ‘will people miss you when you are gone?’… there’s a lot to be learnt from his infinite teachings.

As a student, reading has become synonymous with the tedious and downright painful labor of your weekly reading list. It’s a lost art. Rediscover the joys of reading, sparking an insatiable thirst for knowledge whilst simultaneously complementing your studies with relevant material.

Find Seth Godin’s eponymous site here with links to his expansive portfolio of published works as well as his eminent daily musings on his blog.

Ruby-Jean Jenkins


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