Discover: #SXSW #recap, April 4

Discover: #SXSW #recap, April 4

This week we’re serving you up a smorgasbord of tantalising treats fresh from the “incubator of cutting-edge technology and digital creativity” known as SXSW.

For those of you living under a rock with no reception or Wifi; SXSW is held annually in Austin, Texas and is a week-long showcase celebrating film, interactive and music festivals and conferences.

The annual pilgrimage of global millenials is shrouded in hype and hastags, as agencies and marketing aficionados alike descend on Austin to bask in a techsumerist idea-sparking inferno of innovation.



On Social Media

“the music events still dominate the social chatter, and Instagram was the preferred social network of choice for sharing SXSW experiences—underscoring just how much the festival remains an audio-visual extravaganza”

The not-so-new frontier of marketing exploded at this year’s SXSW with 53% of attendees using Instagram to post 7,877,916 photos.
Take a look at AdWeek’s social metrics infrographic shedding light on the constantly evolving experience-sharing tech landscape.


On buzzwords

“Some are very new; others have been lurking around for a couple years but are now primed to blow up. Regardless, these words are poised to sneak into your meeting rooms, board rooms, pitches, brainstorms, and even your brain”

Brandish your millennial multilingualism by dropping these babies into conversation with industry professionals and you’ll feel like you’re part of the gang. The irony of ‘buzzword’ being in and of itself a buzzword is not lost. Whilst these may seem slightly wanky, they reflect current and future marketing trends facing managers and the communications industries.

Check out Contently’s article debunking the buzzwords of SXSW as well as those underpinning advertising and content marketing in 2015.


On getting ahead of the trend

“Social media won’t replace a handshake, but it will give you the opportunity to have additional handshakes and turn some of them into hugs. Treat people like people and prioritize experiences. It is essential that your company take these concepts to heart if you want to stay at the forefront of business and trends.”

Here’s a digestible run-down of the hottest trends emerging from SXSW Interactive. Put this event on your personal bucket list, as the ROI on attending for your company and personal brand is exponential.



On Meerkat #breaktheinternet

“Meerkat, like Twitter before it, is expanding the way sales and marketing people connect and engage with prospects and customers. It allows sales people to become flies on the wall of their customers and prospects.”

No, we don’t mean the small carnivoran belonging to the mongoose family from Southern Africa. The new live-video app took SXSW by storm, creating seismic waves that haven’t been seen since the tech tsunamis of Twitter in 2007 and FourSquare in 2009.

Check out Adweek’s piece exploring the reputation of SXSW as an innovative entrepreneur launchpad,  or Forbe’s piece on the ins and outs of what Meerkat means for us as marketers at SXSW and beyond.


On The Internet of Things

Welcome to the future. Cloud. Connection. Collaboration. Content. Control. CONFUSION.

 “The IoT is removing mundane repetitive tasks or creating things that just weren’t possible before, enabling more people to do more rewarding tasks and leaving the machines to do the repetitive jobs.”

There will be a proliferation of making ‘dumb’ objects ‘smart’ aka that robot apocalypse that was explored in mid-naughties films will happen. Brace yourselves.

For a more knowledge-based explanation (I have no idea what I’m talking about here) have a peruse of some of SXSW’s IoT events here or what it means for content marketing here.


On living vicariously through #SXSW

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Check out trending #hashtags and get your SXSW fix via social media, it’s the next best thing to actually attending (well, not really)

Steamfeed have a neat little recap on Who Influences Marketers Heading to SXSW, giving you the 411 on which hashtags to investigate.


On fine tuning SXSW

Celebrating emerging artists and creative diversity, SXSW is not all about the tech-centric innovation but is widely known for it’s musical performances too.

Here’s a run-down of bands to spotify-stalk and get your music fix whilst you investigate the goldmine of articles shared in today’s Discover.

NPR always delivers the podcasting goods, check out their SXSW best-ofs for your auditory pleasure.



Just another article on the Winners & Losers of SXSW

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