Discover: The Best Stuff, April 25

Discover: The Best Stuff, April 25

Every week, ‘Discover’ seeks to bring you the best of what’s on the internet. This is where we, the editors compile the great stories we’ve seen during the week. It’s the perfect addition to your lazy weekend.


On emojis in brand marketing

Direct Marketing News: Natasha D. Smith – The Rise of Emojis in Marketing

There is no doubt that emojis have become an integral part of smartphone users’ lives. This has not gone unnoticed by brand marketers and emojis look set to be the new go-to tool for the creation of attention-grabbing, relatable and memorable marketing messages. Natasha Smith elaborates on this emerging style of marketing and shares some of the most ingenious instances of brands upping their emoji marketing game.

“Brands are figuring out how to infiltrate the time and attention of millennials and Gen Z by marketing to them in shorthand, digital language. A smile, a wink, some hearts, maybe an angry look or a sad face- emojis are the new standard of communication”.


On the advertising industry

LinkedIn: Eric Tsytsylin – Don Draper, Madison Avenue, and advertising’s advertising problem

Marketing and advertising are deeply complex disciplines, requiring an adeptness in both creativity and data-driven analysis. But in the eyes of many, the advertising industry has plateaued, it doesn’t exude prestige and is rarely the avenue of choice for business graduates. How do we make advertising cool again?

“For me, it is storytelling itself that defines advertising’s story: the opportunity to tell and re-tell the story of a business, brand, or product (and, increasingly, to build the product itself), and how it fits into our individual and collective lives.”


On making the most of university

Quartz: Brandon Busteed – College is worth it if you have these six experiences

This article is obviously written from an American perspective, but the ideas still apply. This is a great read for any student wanting some tips to make the most out of their university experience. University isn’t cheap – it takes time, energy, and money – and we should definitely look to getting the most bang for our buck!

“A degree has always been a marker of accomplishment—something that conveys value to the degree holder, employers, and society. Through the lens of Gallup’s research, it’s still true that a college degree is worth its weight in gold, but only for those graduates (and their alma maters) who made the most of their higher education experience as students.”

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