A Tale of Two Cities: And She Didn’t Study in Either One of Them

A Tale of Two Cities: And She Didn’t Study in Either One of Them

I have tried it all in an effort to avoid procrastination. Handed my phone over to friends. Turned wifi off. Barricaded myself in the library for hours on end. Left the country, in the vain hope re-locating myself across an ocean would create some new-found flow of efficiency. Turns out, I’m just as inoperable in one country as I am in another.


An account of my general procrastination patterns will produce a varied list:

    • Mindless daydreaming: Who hasn’t spent minutes on end staring out of the window or at the library walls considering a game plan for the zombie apocalypse?
    • Baking: Usually involving new recipes that take hours and inevitably result in at least two failed attempts until the last is edible
    • Exercise: Despite at least an hour consumed daily through my running/gym regimen, when the time comes to study it’s the perfect opportunity to add on that new gym class or extra 10kms a week to run. Time need not be an issue here-midnight runs are the best way to completely tire your lazy ass out, forcing you to sleep in longer the next day and put off even more work.
    • Needing to be in the ‘zone’: Like going through the wardrobe to Narnia, this ‘zone’ is one that cannot be precisely found in reality. But somehow, until I feel I’ve found the ‘special frame of mind’, I convince myself it just isn’t happening. Even the 5 coffees don’t seem to do the trick.
    • Cleaning: When the time comes and I just can’t avoid study any longer-obviously I can’t make a start until everything around me is clean and tidy. I mean my disorganised sock drawer is just sitting there judging me with silent muffled screams in protest.

As a case in point to my brilliant procrastination skills-I am writing this to avoid doing my accounting readings that are in dire need of attention. But frankly I still haven’t cleaned my room, and I need to run again….and then bake something to eat afterwards. Now, while we all have different ways to look at our books and find something, anything else to do, feel free to adopt any of my suggestions. I assure you, following that list diligently will result in hours of time not spent on your studies. Happy procrastinating!


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