Now I wouldn’t call myself an Instagram addict (I probably fall into somewhere between an intermittent user and a hashtag whore) but SWOTVAC has given me a new obsession. From documenting my procrastination, scrolling through an endless feed of photos and stalking people my discover page, I’ve probably clocked about hundreds of hours on Instagram in the past week alone.

And here’s what I’ve noticed: each Instagram post pretty much evokes one of the follow responses from me:


“That style is on point… I wonder if I could pull that off”

I am far from a fashionista but that doesn’t stop me from admiring the outfits of my fashion forward friends and fashion bloggers. In some ways, this is a way for me to normalize my wardrobe…we all like to think we have a sense of style but the more times you see a new trend the more likely you are to pick it the next time you’re in a store. Here is one of my style inspirations (For the guys, check out @nishiakihiko, he is living proof that swag has nothing to do with age).



“Hmm, I’m hungry”

That healthy snack or that delicious plate of deep fried wings is enough to make any tummy grumble…and of course, there I go again, searching for something to nibble on while my eyes glaze over my notes on linear programming…



“Wow, so much talent”

There aren’t a lot of them out there but every time I stumble across an artist or graphic designer who I deem to have talent, I click follow. To me they are an inspiration, calling to the creative half of my soul that is buried underneath my ambitious yuppy self.



“That restaurant looks amazing – note that down on my to do list”

Not to be confused with “Hmm, I’m hungry”, this post is the one that I screenshot or type into my notes app on my phone. This is the one that looks mouthwateringly good or refreshingly unique that I will refer back to when I’m planning a brunch/lunch/dinnerdate with friends.



“Oooh, her make up looks good!”

This probably doesn’t apply to everybody but being a bit of a makeup geek – I love love love admiring people’s makeup looks and finding out what products people are buying. Similar to the style inspiration posts, this is yet another spawning ground for ideas and future purchases



“I need a holiday, stat”

The ultimate post of envy during SWOTVAC, ‘From where you’d rather be’ or perhaps #takemeback. My favourites are always the golden sand, sunny skies and tropical blue oceans. They always jump straight to the top of my dream holiday lists.



Notice a theme? Every one of these responses belongs to a family of feelings called coveting.  There’s a tiny hint of green jealousy mixed in with admiration and desire. It’s just enough to make us want. Want to do something, eat something, and buy something.

Perhaps that’s what makes Instagram such a powerful marketing tool. If a company can get themselves hashtagged, location tagged or any other form of tagged, they immediately enter the radar of 300 (or 10,000 if you’re instafamous) people. That’s 300 people that now want what that other person on their Instagram feed has. And I’m no different. Are you?

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