Discover: The Best Stuff – Health

Discover: The Best Stuff – Health

Every week, ‘Discover’ brings you the best of what’s on the internet. This week our editorial team bring you the best stories they’ve seen on all things HEALTH. It’s the perfect supplement to your lazy weekend.


On what makes superfoods super

The Conversation: ‘Superfoods’ – another battleground between marketing and common sense

Food marketing is as pervasive as ever and a new food trend hits social media every other week. This article gives you a nice little introduction to the marketing cotton wool being pulled over our eyes when it comes to the perception of what constitutes ‘healthy’. Bon appetite!

– Ruby-Jean Jenkins

“Miracle foods and dietary crazes have been around for hundreds of years, but our susceptibility as a species to their blowsy charms seems undiminished.”


On Health and Body Image in Advertising: the controversial Bugaboo Commercial

AdWeek: Moms Are Bugging Out About Bugaboo Ad Model Jogging in a Bikini

Bugaboo’s new ad has received a backlash of negative commentary from its target audience: mothers. The 23yr old model, running and pushing her 2yr old baby in the new ‘Bugaboo Runner’ stroller is at the centre of the storm. Not only does the Vogue spread portray the young model looking the very definition of perfection, but she is also featured running in the ad wearing a bikini. The lines have been drawn between those outraged at the unrealistic portrayal of a ‘typical’ young mother, to those who admire the model for her fit physique. Have a read and decide for yourself.

-Isidora Stefanovic

“…people pay a lot less attention when you give them an ordinary, realistic depiction of anything.”


On how Israelis  read “impossible” as “I’m possible”.

Cardboard Technologies: Izhar Cardboard Bike Project

Izhar Gafni makes bicycles out of folded boxes like origami. Thanks to the cheap prices of cheap raw material, this justifies a pitch for the developing world. It will change transportation habits of the most congested cities and the poorest countries of the world. Won’t it be awesome to travel into space in a medium made out of recycled parts?

-Jamie Woo


On sugar = sweet poison?

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Sugar

Sugar. It’s in everything!
Is it good for us? Well, the sugar industry thinks so.
Enjoy this playful, yet disturbing expose on the insidious sugar industry and whether we are what we eat.

– Ruby-Jean Jenkins

“Do it, food makers. Expose your peanuts to the world. Because if you’re going to shove your peanuts in our mouths, the very least you can do is tell us what we’re swallowing.”





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