SAMMPress is Back. With a Twist.

SAMMPress is Back. With a Twist.

Dear SAMMPress readers,

One week down, and semester 2 is officially under way. It’s been a cold and often miserable Melbourne week, but don’t worry because SAMMPress is about to heat things up.

It may have looked like a quiet two month period for SAMMPress, but we’ve been working behind the scenes on some things that we’re excited to show you over the ensuing weeks. Suffice it to say, SAMMPress is going to be more awesome than it’s ever been, and there’s never been a better time to hop on the SAMMPress train and join us on our ride.

As of next week, we’re going to be strapping on our writing shoes once again. But it’s SAMMPress with a twist.


Introducing, SAMMPress Weekly Themes.

Innovation is in our blood, and we’re always looking for new ways to make SAMMPress more interesting and more useful for our readers and writers. Our writing for the remainder of the year will be organised into weekly themes – broad over-arching topics that will underpin every story for that week. It’s all about adding a more structured approach to everything that we do.

For readers, this means the opportunity to learn about a specific scene or area in-depth, allowing you to tie all of our work together as part of a greater narrative.

For writers, this means less time thinking about what interesting topics there are, and more time actually exploring them. It’s also an opportunity to delve into themes you mightn’t have thought to otherwise.

Next week, our theme is ‘HEALTH’. We’ll be talking about the role of fitness in the workplace and how successful managers are using fitness and exercise to enhance their competency. We’ll also be exploring health entrepreneurs, and fitness products in the market for wearable technology.

Themes in the pipeline for the coming weeks include music, space and entrepreneurship with many more!

Introducing, An Updated Design.

SAMMPress went through a major re-design at the start of this year, coinciding with a huge re-think and re-launch of SAMMPress. Don’t worry, we’re not doing that again. But that doesn’t mean we can’t improve on the little things.

Our designers are working hard on an updated site design that makes browsing our site even easier. We’re adding some touches that improve the overall experience – less scrolling, clicking and navigating, and more reading.

Some improvements include a two-column interface to our homepage meaning more stories fit on your screen at once. We’re reducing the size of our header images to reduce load times and scrolling. Additionally, we’re introducing infinite scrolling so you can go straight into reading another story without even having to click.

These improvements should be rolling out soon, so keep your eyes peeled.

Introducing, The SAMMPress Compilation Issue.

We’re inhabitants of the World Wide Web now, but we still love print. Which is why we’re currently working on a physical compilation issue hosting some of our best stories from the first semester. It’s almost ready to print, so you should be able to get your hands on a copy very soon!


So that’s a wrap from the editorial and design team, we hope you enjoy the improvements that we’ve made for this semester. We spent last semester mostly in a shell, working internally to gain a grasp of the things that could make SAMMPress, the best SAMMPress it could possibly be. And you know what? We’re a real publication now, putting on our big boy pants.

So we’re going to start making a lot more noise now. Get ready to see a lot more of us around. We can’t wait to get started. If you’ve got an idea, get in touch and maybe write with us. We’d love to meet you.

Best of luck with your studies for the semester!

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