Why I blog and why you should too

Why I blog and why you should too

Have you noticed that almost every company these days has introduced a blog?

Well, if you haven’t I don’t care, I’m gonna write about it anyway.

A lot of organisations are setting up and maintaining blogs these days, and it’s because of the latest marketing trends going around. You may have learnt about creating value for the consumer, but this movement is about more than just value – it’s about delighting, helping and educating the customer.

This new movement is called ‘inbound marketing’, and while you don’t need to know the ins and outs as a student (yet), you can jump on board this new trend to get a kickstart on your marketing career. How? Blog writing.


Why blogging?

Bloggers don’t just have to be the people you see in your Instagram feed.

Inbound marketing is all about creating content (blogs) to achieve a few things, namely to showcase the expertise of the company in their industry so that the customer knows they are a trusted option for their dollar. Usually, they are blogs that educate on particular problems or issues that potential customers may have – it’s kind of like sponsored content, but it is all housed on the company’s website. They’re also sometimes used to show brand personality, with a few fun, interesting posts to build rapport and all that jazz.

Here are a few examples from the Dollar Shave Club, Ernst and Young, and Bunnings Warehouse.

These are some big, big businesses, yet you probably didn’t know had a blog. Each is thought-leaders in their industry, so you would trust their advice and insights to be accurate, right? This is exactly how it all works – they educate and delight you with content, which serves as some pretty nice marketing (it’s the ol’ you scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours eh).

Anyway, I’ll cut the bullshit and tell you why you should have a look at it, and ways you can get writing.


Where do you fit in?

Good writers don’t grow on trees. If you can write, this is a massive skill in the marketing industry. It’s a surprising reality in business today that even though a lot of people who run these companies are very smart and well-informed, their writing skills aren’t that polished. Plus, who has time to write these days? Marketers have got their shit to do, let alone write all these bloody fiddly blog posts.

This is where you fit in – a marketing/commerce student who understands the purpose of these blog posts, who can write and is cheaper than all the professional freelance guys.


How you can get into it

The good thing about this sort of work is that applying for it usually requires you to write a sample piece – so you won’t be discriminated against, and you can show them what you’ve got to offer. Flex those muscles and type that shit up.

Here’s my favourite place to look for blog writing opportunities.

Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 7.37.10 PM

You can see from scrolling through that link that blogs of all shapes and sizes are there – business, beauty, sport and so on. If you can write, and don’t mind doing so for not that much money (it’s all about the experience, so don’t get ahead of yourself), smash out a few sample pieces for these websites.

I’ve secured two blog writing jobs through this thus far, and I can tell you it looks bloody good on a resume. It’s proof you have some practical marketing experience outside of all the theory.


Plan B

If you apply for a few places and don’t get in (it happens to all of us, don’t worry, I’ve applied for a fair few), it can be disheartening. But, you have a few options in case it all doesn’t go to plan:

1)    Say “see ya” to all of them and start your own blog – open up a free WordPress account, and write about whatever you want. This can be your proof that you can write, and it also acts as a nice little exercise in creating and growing a brand – not a bad idea if you have some time on your hands.

2)    Apply to write for SAMMpress. We want writers no matter where from or what you write on, so send us a message if you want to get a kick-start. One of our team members got head hunted for a job after a recruiter saw her articles on SAMM, so why wouldn’t you give us a go. And if you’re not feeling confident, our writing team can tutor you.


So there you go, I’ve just given away my secret jobs board and my secret weapon to getting marketing experience and a competitive edge over all you people. Have fun with that. Give this post a like so I can feel good about myself, please.



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