Final-Year Students Tell Us Their Biggest Uni Regrets

Final-Year Students Tell Us Their Biggest Uni Regrets

When the time comes to graduate, do you want to throw the cap knowing you cherished your experience or look back wishing you took more out of your uni years? Your time at university can bring about a phenomenal transformation as you realize more and more about yourself. So, don’t let the pressures of academia or an uncertain future throw away an invaluable experience! We took to the halls of Melbourne Uni to ask final-year students their biggest regrets that we can all learn from!

uni life regrets

  1. I wish I did more with my freedom

“As an international student living on my own, I feel like I could have done a lot more with the freedom that was given to me. I worked and studied, but if I really organized myself, I could have made the time. I would have loved to catch a sunset by the beach, an unplanned road trip, a night out with my friends. Earning H1 is great, but making memories with friends I might not see again for a long time is worth it, too.”

  1. I wish I spoke to someone about my anxiety

“I didn’t realize I would experience anxiety and stress living on my own and dealing with my heavy workload. I wish I had gone to health services or spoken to friends about it without bottling it up and thinking I was weird. I went through so much on my own and I could have been happier or less stressed had I reached out.”

  1. I wish I had been less worried about my grades

“I worked myself to the bone to get perfect grades across the board. My lecturers loved my effort, but I sacrificed so much, especially gaining actual knowledge. I’m graduating with good grades, and that’s about it. Yes, I could have enjoyed activity outside the university more, but I wish I could have actually spent time learning what was taught. I was so focused on getting good grades that I memorised and worked for better marks, not necessarily to enjoy thought-provoking knowledge. In hindsight, I would’ve taken a lot more than an H1 if I appreciated the lecturers who devote their whole life to learn about a subject.”

  1. I wish I had spent less time impressing people

“In my first year of uni, I went out of my way to be friends with other people. I put on this big personality and pretended to be someone I wasn’t to be friends with someone. Now, as I graduate with a few true friends, I wish I had spent time loving myself for who I am and finding people who help me grow to become a better person than fake a personality to please another. You don’t have to be cool to be loved, I know that now.”

  1. I wish I had done the readings

“I wish I took more out of my classes. I did the bare minimum to pass with a decently acceptable grade. I did pretty well on my assignments but I didn’t realize how much more I could have gotten out of a class if I spent that extra 30-minutes doing the readings. If I could tell anything to my first-year self, it would be to take everything out of your class, even those ‘further readings’ we don’t do.”

Final-year students, anything you wished you had done or regret doing? Let us know on Facebook @UniMelbSAMM!

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