Melb Uni: Global Study Opportunities

Melb Uni: Global Study Opportunities

Your BCom/Masters study plan is looking woefully sad for the next semester (and the semester after that, for a matter of fact) so how about we spice it up? Ditch the standard Commerce subjects currently in your study plan and instead take advantage of the international study opportunities offered by the University. Why not go consulting in San Francisco or participate in a business tour in Taiwan? Alternatively stay for a semester in Copenhagen and give yourself time to explore the region whilst receiving subject credits for it too. Take a breather from Melbourne and discover the rest of the world! Some notable programs are listed below (click each to access more info):

1. International Business Experience (IBUS20007)

International Business Experience is a subject that teaches you about how business operates in another country – and you get to experience it firsthand. Students participate in seminars at a partner University, go on company visits and cultural excursions to learn about the economy in that region.

There are 2 intakes for IBE; July and January. Unfortunately, the July session in Delhi this year has closed, but keep an eye out for the January intake where applications open in semester 2 (location TBA). Furthermore, there are a range of scholarships are available, such as the Melbourne Global Scholars or a government New Colombo Grant (for countries in the Asia-Pacific) to help ease the burden.

2. Global Management Consulting (MGMT30017)

This is a nifty subject that runs in the summer and winter breaks, allowing you to pick from 8 locations per year. There are 3 intakes every year – July (Singapore, Berlin, Seoul & Shanghai), December (Santiago & Kuala Lumpur) and January (Bangkok & San Francisco). It’s basically a 2-week intensive course overseas, where you work in teams to solve a business case for a client company. The program enables students to develop professional skills in an unfamiliar cultural setting and is particularly great for those interested in a career in consulting.

GMC is open to all Commerce students as a 3rd year major/elective subject, and applications for the 2018 November intake are opening at the end of this month! Like IBUS20007, various scholarships may be available to successful students. Having been in this program myself last year, I would highly recommend checking it out if you want to work, travel, and gain credit points all at the same time.

Wat Chedi Luang, Thailand

3. Global Business Practicum (BUSA90485)

Are you a studying your Masters at the Melbourne Business School? If so, I present you with the Global Business Practicum. This subject gives students the chance to work in a small team with an internationally based company and solve a challenging business project for them. The destinations are based at financial hotspots, such as London and Singapore. Not too dissimilar from GMC, the program runs thrice a year; in January, July and November.

Keen? Applications for the 2018 November program (London & Hong Kong) are opening in a few weeks’ time and closing mid-May.

4. Exchange (or Study Abroad)

Exchange is open to ALL students, EVERY discipline, and ALL levels of study.

Exchange is particularly great if you want to spend more time overseas and really immerse yourself in a different environment. Over there, it’s incredibly easy to book a flight on whim and travel somewhere different every weekend, and there are plenty of unique subjects (i.e. languages) you can pick up that may not be offered back home.

The only slight difficulty is timing – you need to apply well in advance and there are quite a few steps in the process (i.e. subject selections and approval), so don’t waste time otherwise you’ll miss out! Exchange in Sem 1 2019 will close next month Sunday 27 May, whilst exchange in sem 2, 2019 will close around October of this year. There are no extra tuition fees, and you guessed it…plenty of scholarship opportunities to help with the costs.

Fjords, Norway

The benefits going international are truly endless. For me, participating in both Exchange and GMC overseas were easily the best decisions I’ve ever made. Development of independence, cross cultural skills, lifelong friendships, adaptability and enhanced employability represents only a fraction of the things you experience by studying in another country. So, to my fellow BCom and MBS friends: study but at the same time don’t just study. Tick off a country on your bucket list and get subject credits by going abroad…don’t wait or it’ll be too late!

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