The Game Changing Marketing Tactic EVERYONE Should Know

The Game Changing Marketing Tactic EVERYONE Should Know

The internet is saturated with ads and if you’re just starting out, getting your brand out there can be a little daunting. So, in a sea full of brands, how do you stand out? Leverage the power of emotional marketing. Skip the trial and error (a little bit of it, at least) and check out these five proven ways to get your brand from 0 to 100. Stat.

  1. Know your Audience

The oldest trick in the book is one worth mentioning again. Knowing everything you can about your audience is the first step in figuring out any strategy. If you don’t know your audience, how will you know what they want to hear? Before embarking on any tactic, understand your consumer’s pain points and general desires. This makes emotional marketing easier because you know what you want to achieve.

  1. Color, color, color

Color plays a huge role in eliciting emotion. Have you ever wondered why most, if not all, fast-food restaurants have some shade of red in their logo? It all comes down to the psychology of color. The color red is associated with excitement and activity. It is also a stimulating color. Know what your brand represents and figure out how a color you can associate it with. Check out this infographic on a few colors and the psychological reactions related.



  1. Tell a Story

Consumer’s feel more connected to a brand when there is purpose and when it’s backed with a story. Powerful stories such as the “Like a Girl” campaign by Always and P&G’s “Thank you Mom” for the 2014 Olympics have brought customers closer to the brand because of the emotion it provokes.  Make sure that the audience you want to involve is the audience who will potentially buy into your brand.

  1. Create a Movement

When consumers feel like they are part of a bigger purpose, they resonate with brands much more. Take for example ASOS and their recent collaboration with SOKO, Kenya. All proceeds of the clothing range go to the women in Kenya for support in their workplace and also enabling them to afford schooling for their children.

  1. Inspire

Although inspiration may not be tagged as an emotion, brands such as NIKE and RedBull fuel their content with purpose. It arouses the audience to aspire to achieve greatness, whatever that may mean to your audience. NIKE features ordinary people reaching new heights in sports and fitness, showing that everyone else can be just as great.

These five tactics aren’t the only ways to connect with customers emotionally. HubSpot has written a comprehensive article on everything you need to know about emotional marketing. Whether you’re a start-up, a corporation or even a blogger, emotionally connecting with your target audience is key to fruitful engagement.


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