10 Things No One Told you About Life After Graduation

10 Things No One Told you About Life After Graduation

It’s grad season! Yes, it’s also exam season but if you’re leaving the nest and graduating at the end of this year, we’ve got a parting gift for you!

Whether you’re off to a soul-searching six-month travel across South East Asia or got hooked on a snazzy grad job or even if you’re just stuck (we feel ya here), we reached out to grads across Australian uni’s to ask what no one told them about life after grad. Here’s our top 10! Enjoy!

  1. “You need more than 4 hours of sleep to function”

Gone are the days when you could do an all-nighter and be fresher than a sprig of mint for class the next day. You need sleep, period. While it’s a huge relief to say goodbye to lone nights studying, you’ll soon realize that you can’t be a functioning adult on four hours of sleep every day. Adulting requires six, minimum.

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  1. “Your H1 won’t matter 6 months from graduation”

Yes, it’s satisfying (and maybe surprising) feeling to receive an H1 but don’t go ham if you got anything less. As the Americans say, C’s get degrees! If you’ve learnt what you could, put in your effort, no Jack (or Jill) will care if you got H1 for Intro to Business Law. Do your best, and don’t sweat it if you didn’t get over 80.

  1. “You’ll actually start to care about savings”

If you’ve saved (or attempted to save) during your uni days, you’re a step ahead of the majority of us. Although you may have cared about savings while at uni, it really kicks in when you’ve graduated and at the workplace. Examples such as getting your own place, leasing out a car or even finally getting Spotify Premium are pragmatic desires you’ll consider.

  1. “You may lose friends”

Although you promised your uni bestie you’ll stick together no matter what, inevitably, some relationships tear at the root. It may be distance, maybe work schedules but more often than not, it is how you grow. When you enter into the sphere of individuality and find your way in the game of life (or adulting), you’ll often forge new bonds with people riding the same wavelength as you. Life after grad isn’t parties, late night study sessions or summers by the beach anymore. Life gets tougher and you may mature differently. It doesn’t mean you’re bad/good, but just that the inevitability of change will take hold and you’ll end up riding and enjoying a different wave.

  1. “Your dream job may turn out to be underwhelming”

You’ve pictured it all – the snazzy corporate attire, the jazzed up work cubicle, an intimidating but cool boss and work that’ll keep you on your toes! With all the daydreaming, you might find that your so-called dream job isn’t what you wanted after all, and that’s A-OK! You may be in multiple career paths throughout your life. Even the most celebrated professionals have walked many a road whilst figuring out what on earth they want to do. Embrace the change and go after something else!

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  1. “No one tells you what to do”

In an ideal world, that sounds like heaven served on cloud nine. But it isn’t always a good thing. At uni, professors told you exactly what they expect from you and what you need to do. In the workplace, things get a little muddy. You can’t go up to your boss to get feedback or clarification every time you hit a wall. You are expected to intuitively figure your work out and pave a solution if things get dicey.

  1. “Uni is the only place you’ll get good feedback”

No one else will give you such thorough feedback on work like workshopping an assignment in class or your professor’s comments. If your boss likes it, she/he’ll take it and if not, will ask you to revise it. If you’ve done a good job, you’ll get a thumbs up and a “thanks for the great job” but nothing lengthy about how great your thinking was. Get ready to accept the fate that your work will be received well but without the added comments.

  1. “You won’t have everything figured out”

Just like uni, you’ll still be a confused human figuring your way through chores, work, long-term goals and friends. You don’t have to have your career path sorted, you don’t have to have a place on your own if you can’t afford it, you don’t have to be dating and settled. Even after graduation, you’ll be swimming in uncertainty about choice and that’s fine. Embrace the inevitable and drink to it!

  1. “You may still have to be frugal”

Life after college doesn’t mean a great job with perks and an eye-bulging salary. Frugal days may still be ahead even if you’ve landed a fab job. If you’ve decided to move into your own place or want to save up for a car, you’ll have to kick back some expenses for some really rewarding long-term goals.

  1. ”Nobody really knows what they’re doing”

Truth be told, we’re all figuring out how to adult as we go. No one really knows how to ace the whole growing up ordeal and nor do you need to. Be confused, enjoy the uncertainty and know we’re all in the same boat trying to figure it all out because it’ll only get better from here!

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