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We’re a team of editors, writers and designers united by a religious devotion to answer the questions that nobody asks, and to ask the questions that inspire the next generation of leaders and innovators. It is this obsession that binds us. We invite all our readers to get involved and discover with us. You can always get in touch by emailing communications@unimelbsamm.com or messaging us on Facebook. We love talking to our readers and we’re always looking for new contributors.


Kavindra Iddawela, Director of Communications & SAMMPress – SAMM


Kavi is a first-year Master’s student and an aspiring digital communications strategist who’s ridden the train, gotten off the rails, and lost her thoughts along the way. She also borrowed that line from Lemony Snicket. She loves everything digital but has a soft spot for a good hardcover novel. She has worked in content management, dabbles in freelance writing, and you can see her counting calories and lifting heavy every other day at the gym. Always with a smile, you’ll get to know her as the gal you hear before you see!


Winnie Jiao, SAMMPress Writer


Winnie is a Bachelor of Commerce (Management & Finance) student in her final year at the University of Melbourne. She is passionate about international experiences and meeting people from a diverse range of backgrounds, having completed both an exchange abroad in Sweden and capstone subject in Thailand. Winnie is known to have an extreme sweet tooth with a particular love for ice-cream, cake and mocha.



Evelyn Jowett, SAMMPress Writer

Evelyn Jowett is a graduate student in her second year of the Master of Management (Marketing) course. Having completed the Master of Global Media Communication degree also at University of Melbourne, this is her second master’s degree course. She has a background in music writing, and still enjoys keeping up to date with music trends. She is endlessly fascinated with learning about cultural differences around the world, and how they relate to marketing products and services in different environments. 

Iris Wat, Web Developer


Iris is a final year student majoring in Computing and Software Systems (B.Sci) at the University of Melbourne. She is passionate about technologies and digital marketing and understands how data can empower marketers. In her spare time, she enjoys playing video games and browsing dog memes on Instagram.