Season 1

E5: What is Workplace Wellness & Why You Should Care

Kate Connors, Director of the Centre of Wellness at PwC sits with us and talks about why workplace wellness matters. Today’s workplace culture does not mean you leave your personal problems at the door, but it is welcomed. Hear about how PwC is spearheading the […]

E4: An unexpected (and surprising?) way to take a look at your favourite beverage: Coffee

Think you know coffee? Think again. Think you know management consulting? Think again. On this episode of SAMMCast, professor Simon Bell makes you rethink what you thought you knew about coffee. Starbucks? It’s not that bad. Fair Trade? Might not be as great as we […]

S1 E3: What makes things go viral?

We sit down with the viral man himself, Dr Brent Coker to talk about how things go viral: whether it be the Baby Shark song or Kony 2012, we do a deep dive into the science of virality in marketing. We also ask the question […]

S1 E2: Event marketing 101 & how to land a job marketing the Grand Prix or Commonwealth Games

Want to go big with your career? We speak to professor Shala Ahmed on her journey into working in event marketing for global events such as the Grand Prix & Commonwealth Games and how YOU can get into the big league!

S1 E1: Digital Marketing Strategies to put YOU on top of the game

We invite Digital Marketing Specialist of the Cotton On Group, Susanna Qian, to chat with us about how to make a career in digital and everything you need to know to ace the game.